"we're here to help you"®  Trase Miller is a premium contact center outsource company.  Since 1994, some of America's biggest brands have entrusted us with their customers.  Delivering extraordinary customer experiences is what we do and our clients earn greater customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result. We operate using best-in-class technologies and methodologies; but our single greatest strength is our people who are exceptionally engaged and committed to quality at the highest levels.

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High Quality
Customer Experiences

Today’s hyper-contextualized customer expectation: “What I want, when I want and how I want it.” We deliver 24/7/365. Perspective on this from our company founder.

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Happy Clients - True Stories and Results

Leading airlines, online travel agencies and financial services companies have relied upon Trase Miller for many reasons but most of all because of our people. 

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Happy Employees -
a Unique Culture

In our annual employee engagement survey, 9 of 10 Trase Miller employees self-report as being highly satisfied and engaged in their work. Learn more and apply today!

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fast facts icons

Fast Facts -
In a Cool Infogram

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we hit the pause button to reflect on where we we’ve been, where we are and where we are going as a company.  Just the facts! 

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